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‘Dear Yat’: postcards from a prime minister

‘Dear Yat’: postcards from a prime minister

August 24, 2020

Politics, Such was life:

A small collection of correspondence provides glimpses of a life-long friendship between Yatala Ovenden and John Curtin, who met while both members of the Victorian Socialist Party.

An illuminated Qur’an from the Michael Abbott Collection of Southeast Asian Islamic Manuscripts. Photograph: Emily Keppel

Islamic Bookbinding

November 23, 2017

Collection Care, Conservation, Our stories, Preservation:

While the Western tradition of bookbinding is well represented in the State Library Victoria (SLV) collection, the Library also holds a small but fascinating assortment of manuscripts produced in the Islamic world. A clear understanding of the different materials and structures used in the production of Islamic manuscripts is essential for the Library’s Book Conservators to make informed decisions regarding appropriate methods for preservation, repair and display.