Articles by: Jessica McElhinney

Detail of Blinky Bill and Mrs Koala, Dorothy Wall, [between 1933 and 1940?]; H2015.180/28

Blinky Bill: in the Conservation Lab

October 9, 2020

Collection Care, Conservation:

Blinky Bill has been a favourite amongst Australian children since he first made an appearance in the 1933 book Blinky Bill: The Quaint Little Australian. A collection of drawings by author and illustrator Dorothy Wall (1894–1942) were recently acquired by the Library – several of which have come to the Conservation Lab for assessment and treatment.

Perfecting the lighting of a series of exhibition prints during installation

The changing face of Victoria: behind-the-scenes with Conservation

August 6, 2020

Collection Care, Conservation, Registration and loans:

The Conservation department play a major role in the development of exhibitions at the Library. We recently completed work on the installation of the Changing Face of Victoria exhibition, which this year involved preparing over 150 items for display.