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The Sunday question

The Sunday question

February 25, 2021

Ask a librarian, Our stories, Victorian history:

For most of its history, the Library was closed on Sundays. The battle to open was a hotly contested issue, not just at the Library, but all over Melbourne.

Hayley Millar-Baker, courtesy of Simon Strong and Vivien Anderson Gallery

Artist in conversation: Hayley Millar-Baker

February 24, 2021


We speak to Hayley about her series I Will Survive, which is being displayed in an outdoor exhibition on the Library forecourt.

Dedicated to the ladies

Dedicated to the ladies

February 15, 2021

Ask a librarian, Victorian history:

In Melbourne’s early colonial days there were few places where women could go to seek knowledge. A dedicated section of the newly established Melbourne Public Library was one of them.

Country tennis in Victoria

Country tennis in Victoria

February 8, 2021

Sport, Such was life:

The Australian Open came via courts in paddocks in rural towns and coastal getaways, built to attract tourists, inspire social events and to hold tournaments.

Large suspension formation by members of the Ebenezer Gym Club

Sporting days – how to research your sporting ancestors

February 3, 2021

Family matters, Research tips & tricks:

Sport is a huge part of community life and sporting club records can provide another dimension to your family history. They can help to locate a person in a place,… Read More ›

The All England 11 about to embark for Australia. Mr Mallam, the top-headed gentleman behind the players, was the agent for Spiers and Pond

The All England 11 and the birth of Australian cricket

February 1, 2021

Our stories:

In 1861 the great tradition of England and Australian cricket contests commenced when the first English team arrived in Australia.