Confession time (the squeamish might want to turn away now), I love all of those antique/collectable shows on television such as Antiques Roadshow, Bargain Hunt, and the now sadly defunct ABC Collectors. Happily I can also satisfy some of my collector-cravings with a handful of new books that have appeared in the last few days:

Collectomania : from objects of desire to magnificent obsession by Claudia Chan Shaw

ABC Books/HarperCollins Publishers, 2012

The delightful Claudia Chan Shaw from Collectors here outlines some of her own personal collecting obsessions, explaining the background and current market value for a truly eclectic mix of material from tin toys to snow-domes to vinyl records to bubble-gum trading cards, and all points in between! What’s lovely here is the author’s great sense of fun and pleasure in the objects under discussion, whether it’s a Rolls Royce Phantom 1 Saloon or a limited edition Astro Boy tin toy from the 1990s. I know which one I’d prefer……


Miller’s Collectables Handbook, 2012 – 2013 by Judith Miller and Mark Hill

Miller’s, 2012

A couple of familiar faces from the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, Judith Miller and Mark Hill here present the latest edition of Miller’s popular guide to collectables and antiques. With a handbook like this tucked under the arm, we can all pretend to be experts as we prowl the aisles of the local antique markets!


Collect contemporary jewelry by Joanna Hardy

Thames & Hudson, 2012

Jewellery has long been a niche area for the dedicated collector and this fascinating book details some of the most interesting, innovative and collectable artists working on the contemporary international scene. From exquisitely sculptural rings and brooches to more elaborate ornaments that border the area between jewellery and costume, Joanna Hardy profiles 40 of the most important designers working in the field today. And yes, she is yet another alumni from Antiques Roadshow!

Carter’s price guide to antiques and collectables, online

John Furphy Pty. Ltd, 2011-


Carter’s Price Guide has been the bible for the antique and collectables market in Australia for many years now, and in 2010 they moved from print to this online resource which contains over 90,000 items. Whether you just want to window-shop, or are searching for something more specific (you can expect to pay almost $300:00 for a remote controlled model of Thunderbird I, in case you’re interested), this is a terrific place to get started.


Now this is my type of antiques shop: from the wonderful Rennie Ellis Collection

Phoenix Antiques, High St., Armadale by Rennie Ellis


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