As the year draws to a close I thought it might be a good opportunity to show off a new collection of sheet music that we now have available via the Library’s catalogue; the best way to search is by song title, composer or lyricist.

The Aussies and the Yanks are here: words and music by Johnny Nauer

Chappell & Co. Ltd, 1942


“Many hearts are now in clover

Days of worry now are over,

You can think about your taxes

But don’t worry ’bout the Axis….”


Bagdad: music by Sigmund Romberg and Al Jolson ; lyrics by Harold Atteridge

G.Schirmer, 1918


“Cross the desert plains a traveller worn

Came fatigued and hungry and forlorn,

He cursed the world with his mournful sighs,

He raised his eyes and to his surprise,

He saw a city so grandly rising;

And he cried out:

Bagdad, you rise through,

Bagdad, through skies blue…”


‘Neath the shadows (an Egyptian romance) by Irma Barron

Lawrence Wright Music Co., 1911


“Neath the shadows I am waiting all alone

Stars are peeping from above afar to lands unknown

In the bright oasis gleaming oft I seem to see,

Shadows of the one who’s more than the world to me.”


When the empire calls: music by Alfred Hill ; words by Hugh MacDonald

W. H. Paling & Co. Ltd., c.1916


“Not ours to throw the gauntlet down nor hot defiance hurl,

Not ours to give the challenge, nor battle flag unfurl.

We banded for defence alone to guard our native land,

Nor thought of foreign conquest upon a distant strand,

But we’re sons of British sires and whatsoever befalls

It is ours to answer when the Empire calls.”


Stirring stuff indeed! Many thanks to the staff and volunteers who have helped us get almost 5000 pieces of sheet music onto the catalogue so far; lots more still to come!


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