In honour of our splendid exhibition, Bohemian Melbourne, currently on show in the Murdoch Gallery until 22 February (you’d be mad to miss it!), here’s Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen in just a few of the multitudinous versions available on our music databases. You can enjoy them here at the Library, or from home if you’re one of our Victorian registered members; oh mama mia, mama mia!

Symphonic Rock: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra



For those who didn’t think the original was symphonic enough!


Tenology: The Ten Tenors



How many tenors does it take to fill Freddie Mercury’s vocal chords?


A surprisingly effective arrangement by the marvellous Benaud Trio.


Hot Brass: United State Airforce Band of Mid-America



 A somewhat restrained brass band rendition; nothing to scare the horses here.


Brazilian Queen: performed by Clare

Procom Discos? Alexander Street Press

Procom Discos/Alexander Street Press

More rhapsody than bohemian, I’d say…..


The lads themselves; enough said!


Any other versions we should know about?

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