As a part of the Outside-in Cinema screenings in Experimedia here at the Library, on Wednesday 25 August at 6:30pm you can catch the recent break dancing documentary entitled Planet b-boy. The film looks at the style’s growth in popularity around the globe. For a similar look at how the music of break dancing, hip hop, has grown in various parts of the world, a flip through Global noise, found on the shelves in the Arts Reading Room, wouldn’t go astray.

Global noise

For a deeper study of the origins of the dance movement, a look into the history of Afro-American dance, such as is found in Black dance, also available on the shelves of the Arts Reading Room, would be a good approach.

Black dance

For a more cursory glance over hip hop culture, the Hip hoptionary, available on the shelves in the Arts Reading Room Reference Section, should do the trick, as well as help you find your way around some of the terminology represented within the film.

Hip hoptionary

And for an Australian take on the sounds of hip-hop, why not search the catalogue for recordings such as Culture of Kings: the Australian hip hop complilation, or All you mob! recordings of young Aboriginal hip hop from all around Australia.


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