This Wednesday 20th April at 6:30pm, as a part of the Outside-in cinema series in Experimedia here at the Library, we will be showing two animated films, both perfect for the entire family: the recently Academy Awarded short-film The lost thing, based on and co-created by world renowned Melbourne-based illustrator Shaun Tan, and the 2006 anime feature The girl who leapt through time.

As per usual, to give the viewing some broader context in a way most fitting for a library such as ours, we will be displaying a range of material from our collection at the entrance to Experimedia on the night. This time, for a change, instead of retrieving mainly books about the films (or the films creators), we will instead be showing a selection of Shaun Tan’s earlier titles that may not have been quite as well known in the public sphere. Although we lack holdings of periodicals that first featured his works such as Eidolon and Pulphouse, we do however have holdings of many titles of speculative fiction that he supplied artwork for, such us the alien invasion novella The man who lost red, which can be requested via our catalogue for perusal in the building.

The man who lost red

There will also be some examples of Tan’s illustrator idols works on display, such as Fungus the bogeyman, also available for request via our catalogue for similar perusal activities in our fine institution.

Fungus the bogeyman

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