I particularly love the work of northern European artists of  the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries.

Rogier van der Weyden 1400-1464: Master of Passion

Zwolle : Waanders Uitgeverij ; Leuven : Davidsfonds, 2009. Zwolle : Waanders Uitgeverij ; Leuven : Davidsfonds, 2009. 


A new arrival, this beautiful book which reminds us of the work and influence of Rogier van der Weyden, accompanied an exhibition held at the Leuven Museum in 2009.  An added pleasure are the superb colour reproductions.


 Masters of Light: Dutch Painters in Utrecht during the Golden Age


Walters Art Gallery, 1997 Walters Art Gallery, 1997 


A beautiful volume which focuses on the innovative lighting techniques found in the work of the Utrecht school of painters.


Painting Family: the De Brays, Master Painters of the 17th Century Holland

Waanders, 2008 Waanders, 2008


This catalogue of an exhibition held at the Dulwich Picture Gallery provides an interesting study of the work of a talented family of artists:  Salomon De Bray and his sons Jan, Joseph and Dirck.  From their workshop in Haarlem, they produced a variety of works – religious subjects, landscapes and portraits.


Jacob van Ruisdael: Master of Landscape


Royal academy of Arts, 2005 Royal Academy of Arts, 2005


Van Ruisdael is recognised as one of the leading Dutch landscape artists of his day.  Also part of a family of artists, his dramatic and varied  landscapes are beautifully reproduced in this volume.


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