As a part of the Outside-in Cinema screenings in Experimedia here at the Library, on Wednesday 11 August at 6:30pm you can catch the recent documentary about the most re-produced photograph ever – a portrait of revolutionary guerrilla leader Che Guevara taken at a mass funeral in 1960 by Cuban photographer Alberto Korda – entitled Chevolution.

Korda is seen to be one of the most important documentarians of Cuban national history over the second half of the 20th century. The book entitled Korda : a revolutionary lens, made in the time leading up to and shortly following Korda’s death, displays a wide selection of photos taken throughout his life. This book can be requested from the catalogue for perusal within the Library.


The intersection of 19th and 20th century far-left politics and contemporary popular culture, as focussed on in Chevolution, is not an unknown crossroad. In Left intellectuals & popular culture in twentieth-century America, Paul R. Gorman looks at many ways that modern art movements have drawn from such viewpoints, whether for aesthetic reasons, political reasons, or both.

Left intellectuals & popular culture in twentieth-century America

For further exploration of some of the other important photos of the 20th century (before they were re-appropriated), head over the Arts Reading Room’s large books section and flip through the bio-encyclopedia, Icons of photography.

Icons of photography

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