Harry Potter : page to screen, the complete filmmaking journey by Bob McCabe

Harper Design, 2011

Quidditch anyone? Enough said!

In praise of the needlewoman : embroiderers, knitters, lacemakers, and weavers in art by Gail Carolyn Sirna

Merrell, 2006

We have already highlighted this book in a previous post, but as a relatively recent arrival it was too lovely to let slip past without another look. Besides, the other day I found myself fascinated watching a young chap on a peak hour train happily embroidering away at what looked to be a sampler with a rather rude message. Beats staring out of the window I suppose…..

Double feature creature attack : a monster merger of two more volumes of classic interviews by Tom Weaver


McFarland Classics, 2003

I think my slip is showing! I confess, I love these Tom Weaver interviews with the people behind the movies that dare not speak their names. I mean, where else are you going to find an interview with Lupita Tovar?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s : the official 50th anniversary companion by Sarah Gristwood

Rizzoli, 2011

At the risk of requiring police protection, may I just mention that I can’t stand this movie; give me anything by Lupita Tovar any day! But to show that we are a broad church, I have included this lavishly illustrated volume for all of those who genuinely love this “timeless film”. The rest of us can browse elsewhere.

Possibly one of Harry Potter’s ancestors? Argus the Boy Wonder from the Alma Conjuring Collection!

Argus the boy wonder: mind-reading and telepathy


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