Just as our book collection continues to grow, so too does our collection of DVDs. Here are a few recent arrivals to whet the appetite, covering everything from the sleeping habits of superstars to ballets based on Proust and sculpture festivals at Bondi Beach.  They can all be requested through the Library’s catalogue and viewed in the Audio-Visual Centre in the Arts Reading Room.

Irving Berlin: an American song

A&E Home Video, 2005 A&E Home Video, 2005

In bed with Madonna

MGM Home Entertainment, 2002 MGM Home Entertainment, 2002

The hard nut:  music by Tchaikovsky, choreography by Mark Morris

The future is unwritten: a film by Julian Temple

Sony BMG, 2008 Sony BMG, 2008

Proust ou Les intermittences du cœur: by Roland Petit with The Paris Opera Ballet

Belair Classiques, 2008 Belair Classiques, 2008

Rosas danst rosas: choreography by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker

Editions à Voir, 2002 Editions à Voir, 2002

Haunting Douglas:  documentary about Douglas Wright, New Zealand choreographer, dancer, artist

Spacific Films, 2003 Spacific Films, 2003

Sculpture by the sea

Rebelstudio & Sculpture by the Sea, 2007

Rebelstudio & Sculpture by the Sea, 2007



If you’re a fan of our W.G.Alma Conjuring Collection, here are a few new DVDs in our ever-growing collection to help with all of your prestidigitation needs!

Suzy Wandas: the lady with the fairy fingers

Miracle Factory, 2009 Miracle Factory, 2009

 Hobson: fabulous mysteries 

Miracle Factory, 2010 Miracle Factory, 2010

What, no rabbits?

Okay, just this one! A lovely image from the W.G.Alma Collection.

Will Alma and ""Corinella"" - Sunbeamer's Club, 1963 Will Alma and “”Corinella”” – Sunbeamer’s Club, 1963

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