New CD arrivals include the following:

 Graeme Lyall meets the Joe Chindamo Trio : smokingun.

Newmarket Music, 2004

For jazz fans there is “Smokingun” featuring two Australian jazz greats together.  Saxophonist, Graeme Lyall, performs with pianist, Joe Chindamo & his trio on an album that mixes film, pop, theatre and jazz music reworked by Chindamo.  Notable tracks include The Magnificent Seven, Goldfinger and The Entertainer.  Sydney jazz vocalist, Di Bird, also lends her unique voice to some popular standards on the 2005 release “Gypsy in my Soul”.

 Gypsy in my soul by Di Bird.

[Di Bird], c2005

25 all-time greatest bubblegum hits : the ultimate collection.

Varèse Sarabande, 2000

A greatest hits compilation of bubblegum music from the 1960s and 70s featuring performers and groups such as Sweet, Monkees, Bobby Sherman,  Banana Splits,  Capt. Groovy and the Bubblegum Army, Tommy James and the Shondells & Rock & Roll Dubble Bubble Trading Card Co.  The hit songs include Yummy, yummy, yummy, Sugar, sugar, Funny, funny, Gimme gimme good lovin’, and Jam up jelly tight.

 Celtic divas.

ABC, c2011

Irish themes are represented by “Celtic Divas” featuring the popular group of Irish folk singers who recently toured Australia. “Timeless Music of Ireland” is a 4-CD set of Irish folk tunes.  Songs such as Danny Boy, Galway Bay and The Last Rose of Summer are performed by various Australian artists and orchestras.

Timeless music of Ireland.

ABC, c2102

 The complete Liszt piano music : the complete music for solo piano, including works for solo piano and orchestra by Leslie Howard.

Hyperion, c2011

An incredible 99-CD box set with booklet featuring recordings of “The complete Liszt piano music” performed by Australian pianist, Leslie Howard.

Kalkadungu : music for didjeridu and orchestra by William Barton.

ABC, 2012.

Two releases with an Australian theme include “Kalkadunga : music for didjeridu and orchestra” featuring William Barton and a compilation of songs performed on the television show Saturday Night Country.

Felicity Urquhart presents Saturday night country. Volume 2.

ABC, c2012

  Generation Why? Live by Hayden Tee.

Your Management International, 2009

Two releases by music theatre performers, Hayden Tee on “Generation Why? Live and David Harris on “At this Stage”, feature many favourite pop and theatre standards such as Time after Time, Man in the Mirror, Edelweiss and Maria/Tonight/One hand one heart.

At this stage by David Harris.

[David Harris], c2011

Some of these titles are currently available on the Listening Posts in the Arts Reading Room.

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