Aerial Views of Melbourne by Charles Daniel Pratt

Aerial Views of Melbourne by Charles Daniel Pratt

June 26, 2017


Charles Pratt was born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1891 and was cadet with the First Wellington Rifle Company. When war broke out he quickly enlisted and saw action in… Read More ›

The YVR Collection : a treasure trove of vintage recordings

The YVR Collection : a treasure trove of vintage recordings

May 18, 2017

Arts, Music:

YVR = Ballarat Vintage Recordings.  This sequence contains several collections of vinyl recordings that include the ABC Sound Library, Kevin James Collection, Betty Pounder Collection, and Ron White Collection.  They are stored… Read More ›

Half a Cow Records, 2016

New Sounds : local performers, Electrical Bananas, Firework Dogs & assorted others.

April 7, 2017

Arts, Music:

Lots of new arrivals in the Library’s large collection of recordings by local groups, performers and composers, all released on independent labels.

Maggie 'Herself', Maggie Diaz, 1950-1969

Maggie Diaz: remembering a life as modern as tomorrow

February 17, 2017

Events, Photography:

Maggie Diaz was an American-born Australian commercial photographer who lived and worked in Melbourne.

Intrada, 2016, c1974

New Listening in Arts: Shows & Soundtracks : Bright Star to Chinatown, and much more.

February 2, 2017

Arts, Film, Music:

For the New Year, some great new additions to the Library’s large and growing collection of film soundtracks, and Broadway musical cast albums. From classic scores like Chinatown and Mame, to the contemporary sounds of Waitress and… Read More ›

Richard Divall, By Londonopera (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Remembering Richard Divall

January 18, 2017


A good friend to State Library Victoria, Maestro Richard Divall sadly passed away on the weekend after a long battle with cancer.

Cherry Red Books, 2015

New books in Arts, more fun than a barrel of Monkees

January 6, 2017

Arts, New books:

Monkees, movies and a bit of glam, welcome to 2017 in the Arts Library.

Umbrella Entertainment, 2014

Festive Sights and Sounds: Bandstand, Shakespeare, Mozart, Carols and much more.

December 7, 2016

Arts, Music:

The sounds of Melbourne Music Week may be fading into the distance, but there’s still lots to listen to here at the State Library.

Sony Music, 2014

Sincerely, L. Cohen

November 17, 2016

Arts, Music, Popular music:

2016 has been a tough year for music lovers and now, as the year draws to a close, we’ve lost Leonard Cohen as well.

Vivid Publishing, 2013

New books, and something très bon from the sixties!

October 28, 2016

Arts, New books:

Classics of all kinds hit the shelves in Arts this week