If you havent yet caught up with the remarkable performance currently happening in our Cowen Gallery then you had better get your skates on before December 6th, when Stop, Repair, Prepare finally plays itself out. You can hear the equally remarkable John Kaldor speak about the many and varied art projects he has brought to Australia over the past 40 years when he appears at the State Library in conversation with Chris McAuliffe from the Ian Potter Museum of Art, on Monday 3 December.

Allora & Calzadilla, Stop, Repair, Prepare: variations on ‘Ode to joy’, No 1. Photo David Regan, courtesy Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels


Not that pianos are anything new to the State Library of Victoria:

“A community sing song around the Amenities Hut piano”; dress optional.


“The late attempted murder and suicide in Stephen Street”; hopefully not Ode to Joy!


“Leo and Miss Tree”; proving that the humble piano has long been associated with performance-art.


Our own Mr Alma (and friends) testing the load-bearing limits of a grand piano.


“Woman seated at piano, two men and another woman looking on”; and yet all I can see is that evil looking doll!

So you see, playing Beethoven upside down from the inside of a grand piano isn’t all that unusual! Performances on the hour, every hour until December 6th. Come on in and make up your own mind!


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