This Wednesday, Outside-in Cinema will be showing the recent documentary entitled Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel, which chronicles the rise to fame of the late 20th century fashion icon and innovator.

It can take some guts to identify your life and experience in a way that is intrinsically sewn-up (as it were) in the life of clothes and artifice. It’s all too easy to cut someone down by pointing to the superficiality of their chosen path. Though what drew Diana was her belief in what a particular look and way of dressing said about the person and the culture from whence they came. “You can see the coming revolution in clothes.”

Boldly claiming they eye of someone who can see “…what you want before you want it”, Diana’s career saw her excel and foreshadowing trends from the sophisticated to the counter-cultural and bohemian, never allowing conservatism or fear of criticism to affect her outlook.

 A wide selection of titles from the collection covering her work and her era within the fashion design world will be on display at the screening, and many more can be found in the catalogue for your perusal at a later date.

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