There is nothing like a good book to keep you occupied for hours. For family historians, there are some fascinating ebook titles available. They include the psychology of family history research, Roman Catholic ancestors, the history and stories of Indigenous servicemen and women, researching dock workers and more. Here’s a small selection of titles to give you a sample as to what’s available. They are accessible from home (a Victorian State Library membership is required).

The psychology of family history: exploring our genealogy by Susan Moore, Doreen Rosenthal, Rebecca Robinson. 

This book looks into the psychology of family history research, delving into motives, mental health benefits and ethical issues. The pros and cons of genetic testing are looked at as well as other considerations such as ethics and informed consent.

Tracing Your Prisoner Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians by Stephen Wade.

This book explores the history of the British prison system and the different types of records available for researchers.

Tracing Your Roman Catholic Ancestors: A Guide for Family and Local Historians by Stuart A. Raymond.

This book explores the different types of records you can use to research your Roman Catholic ancestor in England and Wales from the 16th to 20th century. It includes information on recusant rolls (failure to attend church), quarter session records, first communion, conversions, the care of children and more.

Tracing Your Docker Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians by Alex Ombler.

This book describes the daily life of dock workers who took up different types of labour work at the British ports. It includes information on registration records, trade union records, the British census, workhouse records and more.

Tracing Your Ancestors in Lunatic Asylums: A Guide for Family Historians by Michelle Higgs.

This book explores British mental health institutions of the 19th century and the records you can use to trace your ancestor. Besides admission and registers, it highlights other resources to consider, such as workhouse records, criminal records, and warrant books.

Tracing your Georgian ancestors 1714-1837: a guide for family historians by John Wintrip.

This book looks into the different sources available for researching your ancestors in Georgian England (covering the period 1714-1837). It includes information on researching parish records, education, employment, military, land and more.

Our mob served : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories of war and defending Australia by Allison Cadzow & Mary Anne Jebb.

This book explores the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s service in the Australian Defence Force, including the personal stories of 180 men and women.

Caroline’s dilemma : a colonial inheritance saga by Bettina Bradbury. 

This book traces the true story of Caroline Kearney, a British born Australian widow who faced a horrible dilemma due to the conditions of her husband’s will. This story highlights the rights of women, property law and inheritance in the 19th Century. 

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