Monday 3 June 2013

This year’s Inky Awards longlist was announced Saturday afternoon at the 2013 Reading Matters conference.

After a very successful three days of Australian and international authors leading discussions, workshops about writing and publishing for young adult readers, Reading Matters came to a close with the unveiling of the Inky Awards longlist.
The Inky awards were founded in 2007 by the Centre for Youth Literature and are Australia’s first national awards for literature to be voted for by teens; the audience the authors intended to read their books, actually do the voting. 

The ten Australian books, nominated for the Gold Inky Award, and ten international books, nominated for the Silver Inky Award, will be read over two months by a panel of teen judges and narrowed down to a list of five Australian and five international books.

Once the shortlist of the final ten books has been announced in August, the fun starts as judging is thrown open to teens across Australia to vote and discuss the books on the insideadog website.


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