We’re participating in National Family History Month 2019!
August is National Family History Month and State Library Victoria has a great program of free events both onsite and online.

Happy reunion of Sgt. A. D. Meakes of Hay, N.S.W. who was taken P.O.W. Crete 1941, H98.103/4823

You can learn the principles of family history, access research resources and tour the Family History collection in our Finding families workshop.

Learn about our newspaper collections and how they can be useful for your family history research in Newsworthy.

Discover what kinds of welfare records the Library holds, what stories they tell and what you can access at our Welfare records for family historians talk.

Come along on a Newspapers and Family History Reading Rooms tour to see our beautiful new dedicated space and learn how to use our collections to find your family’s story.

Can’t make it into the Library? Why not enrol in our free online family history course Branching out!

Branching out introduces the basic principles of family history research, and looks at key resources available for researching Victorian family history.

Over four modules, the Library’s Family History Team will equip you with the tools you need to discover more about your own family tree, providing support in a friendly forum environment. The course includes short activities and case studies which offer practical examples to explore.

Branching out will run from the 5th August to 5th September 2019 and is recommended for beginners. Time requirement: 2-3 hours per week. Register here!

Photograph of family group in garden, H2012.171/81

Check out the full program, around the country, on the National Family History Month website. We look forward to seeing you, whether onsite or online!

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  1. Great! Is there accessibility information for this program or the library?

    • Hi Kate,
      You can find accessibility information on the Library’s website here, which covers all venues for our National Family History Month events. Please let me know if you have any further questions!
      All the best,

  2. It is distressing that so much of our history consists of war efforts rather than constructive achievements. It not only smothers courageous domestic accomplishments, but gives prominence to unnecessary war mongering.

    • Elizabeth Harcourt

      Oh! Really Charles
      I do not beg to differ
      What if your community or family life was threatened?
      Men and women of this country not only serving in the military but on local fronts worked hard, fought hard and sacrificed for what was then freedom .
      I wonder where we would be today looking back at history and the wars fought if our country had been suppressed by the Japanese war machine for example
      Pompous peace words lay shallow at times!

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