From family trees to stories of how a family has grown and changed, it’s important not to lose that information. Come to our digital storytelling workshop where you can learn how to use technology to tell your amazing story.


 COURSE: SAT 14, 21, 28 AUG, 10AM–4PM

 COST: $299 -Includes a special 25% discount offer

Phone: 8664 7099 or email [email protected]

 Digital Storytelling is the telling of a personal story using multimedia tools. Participants combine audio-visual resources from their personal archives (photographs, video, text, music and sound) to produce a three- to four-minute personal story which they then narrate. In this three-day program, participants will learn storytelling skills; draft, edit and create their own digital story; and take their completed project home on DVD to share with friends and family. Basic computer skills are an advantage.


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  1. is this going on this year as well??

    • Hi
      I have checked with the Library’s Learning Services Divison who tell me that there are no plans to conduct any digital storytelling seesions in 2011. They are considering for 2012 but nothing definite as yet.


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