A new research guide, Tracing a person in Australia can help you find your relatives.  The guide is the latest in a growing collection of family history guides published by the State Library that provide expert advice on how to locate your ancestors.

This new guide provides an overview of how to find people, who may be living or deceased. It offers useful strategies to help you find your family and answer questions such as “Where did my ancestor go?” when they disappear from available records. You can also pick up handy research tips – remember that every details counts. Just having a middle name or occupation may make all the difference in successfully locating your relative.

Each time you try and track someone down, you will use a combination of different sources from wills and probate to Facebook and Rootsweb. Links to these resources are provided across the guide.

Please add any comments that you have may about the guide by clicking on the relevant links. We hope that this guide helps you take the next step in finding your ancestors.

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