Right now, everywhere you look in the Library, you’ll find students knuckling down for intensive study in the lead up to exams. Students make up one-third of our visitors!

If you’re neck deep in exam prep or toiling away at a final assignment, we’ve put together this list with you in mind. We hope it helps you to find what you need (and maybe didn’t even know you needed) so that you can make it through this busy time.

1. Read books

Read books

…obviously! We generally don’t collect textbooks (try your University library) but you can check our catalogue online or in person in the library. You might also find we’re the only library in the State (or even the world) with a copy of a particular book you’re seeking. And because we’re not a lending library, you don’t have to worry about lining up in the reserve queue for those really popular titles – very useful for last minute assignments. New books can be found on display in the Information Centre and in the Redmond Barry Reading Room, which is home to our World Knowledge collection of core non-fiction titles. The domed La Trobe Reading Room houses Australian history. We can’t fit all of our 2,500,000+ items on the shelf so you may need to request a book from storage: this is an easy and relatively speedy process. See Finding, Requesting & Deliveries on our website for instructions.

2. Print, photocopy and scan


Also useful for last minute assignments: printing. Use your own computer or book one of ours, then simply use your library card or purchase a copy card to send your document to one of our printers around the library. Prices start from 20c for one black and white page. You can also use this card to scan for free to USB or email, or photocopy pages of books to take with you (remember we’re not a lending library). See Wi-fi, internet and printing on our website for all the details.

3. Find (almost) everything ever published in Victoria


One of the core functions of the library is to preserve the documented history of Victoria. From books to CDs and DVDs to the newsletter of your local croquet club, we collect it all. Most of this comes to us via Legal Deposit: works published in Victoria must be deposited with State Library Victoria under section 49 of the Libraries Act 1988 (Vic). So if that essay you’re working on ends up being published in Victoria please remember to give us a copy.

4. Browse magazines and newspapers


We have over 1500 subscriptions to journals and magazines. You can browse 200+ of these in our Reading Rooms. View title lists for Redmond Barry and Arts or read our blog for highlights. We have Victorian newspapers in runs often stretching right back to the first issue, as well as some interstate newspapers. The most recent three weeks of most papers are available in print in the Family History and Newspaper Reading Room. Older issues are available on microfilm, a format that fits many scanned pages onto a small film reel; if you’ve never used a microfilm reader, our staff can teach you. Our How to Find Newspapers research guide will help you on your way. Newspaper articles can also be found online in our databases, along with academic journal content – which leads us to Number 5.

5. Access eresources

computer screen

Whatever your level or area of research, we are sure to have something of use: ebooks, databases, perhaps a research guide. Construction? Australian Standards Online. Fashion? Vogue Archive. VCE? English & literature guide for VCE (and everyone). Most of our eresources are available from home for Victorian residents, but if you’re an international student you can visit the library to access them in the building. Get started with free journals, databases and ebooks.

6. Sit

chairs and tables

We have a number of different rooms for different kinds of sitting. Our Arts Reading Room is the quietest and our domed La Trobe Reading Room is arguably the loveliest. Whatever your preference, you will be following the footsteps (or backsides) of many others. Masterpieces have been written here so let that inspire you! Tip: most of our desks have access to power points but if you have a Mac charger or large adaptor, head to the Dome where, where it will more easily fit in points below the desk.

7. Listen to music

listening post

At the end of the day maybe you just want to relax. Visit the Jukeboxes in the Arts Reading Room to find a selection of CDs curated by our Arts Librarians (complete with headphones and cleaning wipes). Now spinning: Louis Armstrong, Etta James, Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack, Guardians of the Galaxy mix and more. To listen to anything else in our collection just request it through the catalogue using your library card and it will be set up for you in our AV room.

8. Ask a librarian

Ask a librarian

We can’t write essays for you but we can certainly help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s information or directions. Let us guide you on your way: ask a librarian at the Reference Desk or Ask a Librarian online.


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