Photo of the Bohemian Melbourne exhibition

Bohemian Melbourne exhibition entrance. Photo: Patrick Rodriguez

Our acclaimed 2014-15 summer exhibition, Bohemian Melbourne, received a Highly Commended honour at the Museums Australia (Victoria) Awards ceremony last night.

The hugely successful exhibition, curated by Clare Williamson, with specialist advice from Dr Tony Moore, was recognised within the awards category for large museums. The exhibition was designed by Saffron Samuels and the audiovisual elements were produced by Michael Borthwick.

Case of items within the Bohemian Melbourne exhibition

Vali Myers’ diaries and jewellery. Courtesy of the Vali Myers Art Gallery Trust. Photo: Patrick Rodriguez

Visited by more than 74,000 people, Bohemian Melbourne celebrated a who’s who of creative free spirits who shaped the character of Melbourne – showcasing the stories of poets, film-makers, writers, artists, rebels and rock stars who changed this city forever. From Marcus Clarke, Albert Tucker and Mirka Mora to Barry Humphries, Vali Myers and Nick Cave, the exhibition shone a light on Melbourne’s cultural bohemians from 1860 to today.

Bohemian Melbourne exhibition

“Punks in space” Photo: Patrick Rodriguez

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