Sue Roberts, CEO and State Librarian visited the Geelong City Library today to examine the progress of the library’s redevelopment and explore the role the State Library of Victoria will play in Geelong’s information future.

‘The new Geelong library will boldly reimagine the iconic dome library design which has been a centrepiece of the State Library for 100 years. While the State Library is celebrating the centenary of our beautiful dome, Geelong Library is undergoing a transformation that will deliver the most up-to-date library services and a wonderful space for the Geelong community.’

‘The new library will be a valuable information and community hub, generating a positive cultural and financial return for the Geelong community. Research such as the Dollars, Sense and Public Libraries report shows each dollar invested in Geelong libraries is returned to the community several times over. This redevelopment is very good news for Geelong,’ Roberts said.

Sue Roberts, who was appointed Victorian State Librarian twelve months ago, is visiting Geelong as part of her tour of Victoria to assess how the State Library can best service Victorians.

‘Technology now allows us to bring more of our collection and services to more people around Victoria than ever before. I will be travelling around Victoria throughout the year to hear from communities about how we can deliver a service that generates new knowledge and ideas for Victorians. Getting that right is very important, as is letting people know what is already freely available.’

Patti Manolis, CEO of the Geelong Regional Library Corporation was delighted by the visit.

‘The Geelong Regional Library Corporation values the strong partnership between the State Library of Victoria and public libraries. Sue saw our plans for the new world class Geelong Library and Heritage Centre and the dynamic services that will be delivered from the architecturally designed and dome inspired building currently under development. These will include the very latest technologies, an increased collection including digital media and heritage materials, an expanded range of lifelong learning programs and exhibitions as well as great spaces for the local community and visitors to Geelong’, she said.

Plans for the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre can be seen below.

Sue Roberts and Patti Manolis

Sue Roberts and Patti Manolis meet in Geelong

Plans for the new Geelong Library

Plans for the new Geelong Library

Plans for the new Geelong Library