You’re going to be spoilt for choice if you’re wandering around White Night Melbourne. Thankfully, we’ll have enough for you to see and do here at the Library that you won’t have to worry about deciding how to spend your time.
The dome is going to disappear under a wall of water as we take you into the depths of Port Phillip Bay—no diving gear required. You’ll get up close and personal with marine life as world-class animation, soundscapes and underwater cinematography surround you. This is a 360° experience custom-made for the La Trobe Reading Room. It’s not to be missed.


Our forecourt has some pretty nice lawns but even they will be nothing compared to the magical gardens that’ll cover the Library’s outside walls. Fountains, labyrinths and more will grow across the façade while a soundscape of running water, birds and music was over you. You’ll be whisked away from hustle and bustle of the Melbourne streets before you know it. 


Treasures of the deep

Historiae naturalis de Piscibus et Cetis [Natural history of fish and whales]

White Night Melbourne isn’t all light and sound. Sometimes you just want to be able to relax and make something to take home with you. You need to get crafty. Join us in the Cowen Gallery to use images from our collection to make your own Neptune’s crown or colour in some fish, make origami sea creatures or take a photo with our divers’ cutout. Escape from the crowds and make yourself some treasure.


Triple R has been an institution since long before White Night Melbourne came on the scene. Take a moment to celebrate independent radio with ON AIR: 40 years of 3RRR. It’s a free exhibition that gathers an eclectic array of materials from Triple R’s archive—and it’ll be open all night. Want a teaser? Check out our Twitter tour on Storify.


Think you’ll need a coffee to make it through the night’s festivities. Mr Tulk will be open all night to offer respite (or a snack) to any weary visitor to the Library. Which, really, will be the perfect time to upload any photos you took to your social platform of choice. We’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Come say hello.

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