Fine impressions: printmaking and artists’ books in Melbourne 1999-2010 is a new display that showcases beautiful limited-edition books by 20 Melbourne artists and printmakers.

In the digital era the future of the printed book seems uncertain, yet the handmade artist’s book is a flourishing artform. Each of these works is unique in its use of design, typography, paper and binding, both drawing upon and extending the history and tradition of the book.

The artists featured include Petr Herel, Angela Cavalieri, Daniel Moynihan, Bruno Leti, Inge King, Peter Lyssiotis, Carolyn Fraser, George Matoulas, Susan Purdy, Lyn Ashby, Martin King, Tommaso Durante, Theo Strasser, John Ryrie, Peter Lyssiotis, Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison.

Fine impressions: printmaking and artists’ books in Melbourne 1999-2010
Friday 26 August 2011 – Thursday 16 February 2012
Cowen Gallery
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More about artists’ books

Artists’ books are a niche practice within the art world that brings together visual artists and writers in a unique way. It is a growing genre that encompasses a broad diversity of practice, from expensive small print editions of highly crafted books through to the ephemeral lo-fi aesthetic of multiples and zines.

The State Library of Victoria houses one of the finest collections of artist’s books in Australia with around 700 books made by Australian artists. Artists represented in the collection, aside from those featured in the Fine Impressions display, include: Robert Jacks, Tate Adams, Milan Milojevic, Dianne Longley, Stephen Spurrier, Deborah Klein, Gali Weiss, Tim Mosely, Judy Watson, Dianne Fogwell, Ron McBurnie, Richard Tipping, and Jan Davis.

The Library also selectively acquires artists’ books by international artists. International artists now represented in the collection include: Dieter Roth, Ed Ruscha, Sol Lewitt, Tom Phillips, Robert Motherwell, David Hockney, and Jim Dine.

Peter Lyssiotis and George Matoulas, His Wayward Hand

His Wayward Hand, Peter Lyssiotis and George Matoulas, Brunswick, Masterthief and Messofa Press, 2005.

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  1. saturday 27/08/2011.

    just want to express my warmest congratulations to des {cowley} and robert {heather}, and all those involved in curating this mighty fine exhibition!
    also, i was indeed lucky enough to attend the artists’ book viewing/talk “page by page”, this afternoon. this was magnificent…! to get up close to some beautiful works, turn the pages of very exquistely made artists’ books, {and hey, ~ as des informs us, not all are in the “conventional” format of a book..!}
    so, – once again, many sincere thanks to all involved, a great event, well done.

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