Work has begun at the State Library of Victoria to complete and hang Blue Skies, a dramatic art installation by Melbourne artist Trinh Vu.

Blue Skies comprises three sculptural forms, each more than two meters in diameter, suspended from the ceiling of the Cowen Gallery.

This intriguing work references shapes from nature, specifically the sunflower, but also appears geometric in design.

In an essay on Trinh’s work, writer and curator Peter Anderson notes:

‘Trinh’s sculptural works all have their foundation in the natural world, and while she clearly takes a realist approach to her subject matter, the eventual outcome is a long way away from traditional botanical illustration. Rather than attempting simply to imitate the natural form, she uses the organic materials as a starting point for a more complicated process of creative exploration.’

Quoting Trinh, Peter’s essay continues:

‘I begin with a verbal description’, she says. This provides the foundation for the development of a 3D digital model – a blend of the ‘geometric coordinates of natural forms, sacred geometry, different historical and contemporary cultural elements and the 3D software itself’. To create the sculptural form in the real world, the 3D digital model then needs to be opened up and converted into a 2D drawing. From this, paper or plastic modules can be cut out – using a laser cutter – and then assembled by hand using a complex set of tabs, slots and other fixings.

The resulting work is complex and beautiful and it is being built in front of our eyes now at the State Library.

About the Artist

Trinh Vu is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Art and Design at Monash University and is represented by ArtsBank and Chika Gallery (Tokyo).

She was the inaugural recipient of the 2007 Georges Mora Foundation Fellowship , of which Blue Skies is the outcome.

Trinh Vu works on 'Blue Skies'

Trinh Vu works on 'Blue Skies'

The 'Blue Skies' installation in progress

The 'Blue Skies' installation in progress

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