Original material from the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition is coming to Mansfield on Tuesday 5 June as part of the State Library of Victoria’s award-winning Travelling Treasures program.

The materials from the State Library collections include Burke’s last note; Wills’ pistol; stones Burke and Wills used to grind nardoo seeds into food; and a painting by Ludwig Becker, the expedition artist, who perished while chronicling the journey.

Travelling Treasures extends suburban and regional Victoria’s access to the collections of the State Library by touring some of its most significant items, providing rare and intimate access to these treasures.

Cameron Hocking, Travelling Treasures tour manager, believes this is a unique opportunity to see very rare items outside of the State Library walls.

‘The Burke and Wills expedition is one of Australia’s great and tragic stories. 150 years after Burke and Wills set off, these original objects from their expedition are coming to Mansfield. This tour will allow people to see the materials first-hand. It’s a rare opportunity and anyone with an interest in Australian history shouldn’t miss it,’ he said.

The Travelling Treasures tour includes a presentation from a Library collection expert highlighting the stories behind each object. The tour also includes the performance of a family friendly play about Ludwig Becker, called ‘For the Love of Becker’, that dramatises the life and work of this important historical figure.

Travelling Treasures will be appearing at:

Mansfield Library
Collopy St, Mansfield
Tuesday 5 June 2012, 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Bookings: 03 5775 2176

For full program details, phone: 03 8664 7558 or visit the Travelling Treasures website.

'View from Mt. Hope. Pyramid Hill bearing S. 30W. Sep. 1. 60'. Ludwig Becker. State Library of Victoria.

'View from Mt. Hope. Pyramid Hill bearing S. 30W. Sep. 1. 60'. Ludwig Becker. State Library of Victoria.

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