What do you want us to be?  This is the question the State Library of Victoria is asking all Victorians to answer to aid in its planning for the next decade.

Your State Library, Your Say is a new and ongoing community consultation program that will help the State Library to better serve, engage and interact with the Victorian public.

Sue Roberts, CEO and State Librarian said understanding the needs of the Victorian public was vital in successfully planing for the future.

‘The library landscape has changed radically in the past decade and continues to evolve at an amazing pace. Being a part of that change is exciting. We need to understand what services and programs the community values and wants from us now and in the future. We need to plan to make them possible.’

Ms Roberts said she wants to hear the broadest possible range of ideas from all parts of the community.

‘We want to hear from everyone – people who use us now and people who have never used us. We are hoping to receive a wide and creative range of ideas and feedback that really explores what a library can be.

I’m a big believer in lifelong learning and exposing ourselves to new experiences and new ideas. It’s important to be able to access information and knowledge, to hear a diversity of opinions, to collaborate, and I think libraries offer all these opportunities.’

The State Library invites Victorians to share their views and ideas online at yoursay.slv.vic.gov.au


Your library your say

Your State Library, Your say

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