We are excited to announce a stunning acquisition – La fin du monde, a historically significant book that captures the spirit of French Modernism in the early 1900s. The book itself is a work of art, featuring spectacular illustrations by Fernand Léger. La fin du monde is significant as one of the first ‘artists’ books’, in which Blaise Cendrars’ poem was illustrated by Léger.

This title was acquired by the Library thanks to the generosity of donors and supporters during our 2014 annual appeal, which was a great success. It adds an exciting new dimension to our current collection of artists’ books, which are books made by artists and intended to be viewed as works of art. Some are lavish productions issued in small editions. Others are mass produced using affordable processes. Some exist within traditional models of printing and binding, while others redefine the book through the development of unusual forms and the use of new materials.

Come to see La fin du monde for yourself, now on display in our free permanent exhibition Mirror of the world, located in the Dome Galleries on Level 4.

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