The Library will be conducting maintenance work in the Newspaper Reading Room from Monday 8 – Friday 12 November.

The work is to replace fire detection systems mounted on the Reading Room ceiling. The new system uses a sophisticated array of infra-red particle sensors to create a detection grid at the roof level. The system alerts emergency services the moment any smoke is detected – thus protecting both the library users and the collection.

Mick Perrotta, the library’s Assistant Maintenance Engineer, said maintenance of the library’s fire systems is required periodically to ensure they are functioning at peak efficiency.

‘All our fire systems need servicing or replacement at regular intervals. We are installing new Simplex infra-red systems in the room. They are very accurate and sensitive.

The State Library has one of Australia’s most significant and complete newspaper collections. We take our duties protecting it very seriously,’ he said.

Sections of the Newspaper Reading Room will be unavailable during the works however, the room will remain open for readers.

Mick Perrotta oversees the works

Mick Perrotta oversees the work

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