Penguins took over the Library’s courtyard recently and they brought a lot of families with them.

On Wednesday 7 June we hosted our Play Pod party. Play Pod is our space for children aged eight years and under, providing kids and families with opportunities to read, create and play. In doing so, it helps encourage a love of learning and books.

To help keep things fresh and exciting, we change Play Pod’s theme every season. Each one is based around a children’s book: our new winter theme is inspired by Jory John and Lane Smith’s Penguin problems. And, each time we change theme, we celebrate with a Play Pod party.

Children playing at the Play Pod party.

Children playing at the Play Pod party. Photo: Teagan Glenane.

Young child looking at a book.

Great socks, great pants, great book. Photo: Teagan Glenane.

The parties incorporate performances, play, craft and our regular Baby Bounce and Storytime sessions live on stage. This time, children made penguins to add to our penguin family and walrus masks to take home.

“It’s always great to see families engage with our early literacy programs, and we thought it would be nice to celebrate our new Play Pod theme with a big event,” says Bethany Macdonald, the Library’s Family Programs Coordinator. “It has been a special treat for our regular visitors, and it has been wonderful to see many new faces too.”

Adding a new penguin to the family.

Adding a new penguin to the family. Photo: Teagan Glenane.

Playing with penguins is the best way to look cool.

Playing with penguins is the best way to look cool. Photo: Teagan Glenane.

Writing at a table.

Some important writing gets done at Play Pod parties too. Photo: Teagan Glenane.

There was even a performance from critically acclaimed kindie rock band The Mudcakes to get everyone singing and dancing.

Getting up close and personal with The Mudcakes.

Getting up close and personal with The Mudcakes. Photo: Teagan Glenane.

Almost 600 people joined our Play Pod party on Wednesday. The courtyard was filled with laughter and our pram parking lot busy too.

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