For the past 150 years the State Library of Victoria has selected and collected books on behalf of all Victorians. Now, for the first time, the Library is enabling users to choose what is added to the ebook collection.

Through the Library’s new EBook Library (EBL) pilot registered users will be able to choose which Australian non-fiction ebooks they would like to read online or download. Ebooks, once chosen, will be automatically purchased and immediately added to the Library’s ebook collection.

Sue Roberts, State Librarian and CEO said it one of the ways libraries are operating in the 21st century.

‘The development of ebooks has changed the way libraries can serve their users. The EBL is a wonderful extension to the thousands of digital resources the State Library provides to Victorians completely free of charge. We are building these resources everyday so no matter where you live in Victoria, no matter what your interest, the Library will have something for you.’

The Library subscribes to the EBL database which contains approximately 3,000 book titles for users to browse on a broad range of subjects including travel, cooking, biography, sport and more. Readers can select books to read online or download to read for seven days on their preferred device (a wide range of ereaders, computers and handheld devices are supported) before it returns to the collection for re-borrowing. The book can be borrowed as many times as needed.

Ms Roberts encouraged Victorians to become registered State Library users during national Library and Information Week (20-26 May).

‘You can only help build the Library’s ebook collection if you’re a registered user. If you’re not, you are missing out on so much. It’s free, easy and available to every Victorian.’

As part of Library and Information Week, libraries across Australia are highlighting the many events and activities that registered users can take advantage of in addition to their book collections. Details on how to become a registered State Library user are available at:

To browse the ebook library visit:

State Library of Victoria ebooks

State Library of Victoria ebooks

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