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A small range of our ebooks on offer.

In June the Library reached a milestone: we purchased our 10,000th eBook. We purchase new titles almost every day, so the real number is now around 10,411.

The library has over 2 million printed books and serials in our collections, but we started collecting eBooks much more recently. Our first eBook titles were purchased in 2012.

Our eBooks are selected by experienced librarians in the same way as our print titles. Like the majority of our Electronic Resources, our eBooks can be accessed remotely by Victorian registered library members. If you’re not a member, you can join for free.

Our five most popular eBook titles illustrate both the wide range of subjects we collect and the diverse needs of our users:

  1. Fight like a girl by Clementine Ford
  2. Big data for dummies by Judith Hurwitz, et al.
  3. Check your English vocabulary for IELTS by Rawdon Wyatt
  4. This house of grief: the story of a murder trial by Helen Garner
  5. A bend in the Yarra: a history of the Merri Creek Protectorate Station and Merri Creek Aboriginal School 1841 by Ian D. Clark and Toby Heydon

Our eBooks further extend the reach of the library’s collections; and with our growing electronic resources are a key measure in removing distance as a barrier to access. Our trusted, authoritative content is available to our registered library members wherever they may be in Victoria, even in their own homes.

For more information on the conditions of access and how to find and use our eBooks, see our eBooks Research Guide. You can also see a curated list of our ebooks on our ebookshelf.

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  1. Dorelle Davidson

    What kind of device do you need to download these eBooks to?

    • Barbara Carswell

      You can download the eBooks to an iphone, ipad or Android tablet to the Bluefire Reader app.
      See the eBooks research guide for more information.

  2. Amanda – Good to see the growth; do you take our eBooks? We are based in Melbourne and have a collection of 1500 eBooks – all by Australian authors and all sold globally. Have a look at http://www.portcampbellpress.com.au
    Best wishes, or let me know who is your eBook vendor
    Dennis Jones

  3. Thanks for this interesting site. Hope to borrow ebooks. Am a Friend of the Library. Do I need a physical borrowing card?

  4. Thanks for your post. I often come to SLV to study, but haven’t been noticing about this. I’ll try to borrow some ebooks now.

  5. Excellent. Well done

  6. I’m impressed with the numbers, that’s so good. What’s the format of the books? I have an ebook reader for that. It can read epub, fb2 and mobi. Will it work?

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