The 95th edition of the La Trobe Journal will be released this month. This special issue focuses on the development of artists’ books as an art practice in Australia. The digital revolution has led many to question the future of the book, yet more artists, printmakers and binders are creating and designing books than ever before.

Borges bestiary, by Milan Milojevic, Hobart, 2000

Borges bestiary, by Milan Milojevic, Hobart, 2000

Contributors to the journal include academics, researchers, collectors and practitioners who address the history of the artist book in Australia, the environments in which these books are produced, the artists who create them, and the institutions that strive to collect and document them.

First published in 1968, the La Trobe Journal is produced by the State Library and features articles by researchers who have drawn on the Library’s rich collections as source material. You can purchase the journal in the State Library’s Readings Bookshop, or become a Friend of the Library and receive a free subscription as part of your membership.

Browse the full text of past journals online.



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