Year 12 teachers and students (and their parents) will attest to the demands of the final year of VCE. There is so much research and study required and too little time. Often it is hard to know where information is or how to access it. You can search using Google for a long time without finding anything worthwhile – so much quality published information is not freely available online.

But help is at hand. State Library Victoria has a wealth of resources that will support study in a number of VCE units, especially in the arts, humanities and social sciences, and so much of our content is available online from wherever you are.

Melbourne High (and other school students) Rennie Ellis H2012.140/1822

Our print items can be used within the Library but are not available for loan, but anybody who lives in Victoria and registers with the Library can freely access our vast online resources including online journal, newspaper and eBook subscriptions.

Our VCE Research Guides

To help you find research articles and other sources we have created a number of VCE research guides.

Image of page States & intergovernmental organisations (from VCE Global politics – Units 3 & 4 – Global actors & challenges guide)

Image of page Foundations: Power & resistance (from VCE Australian history – Units 3 & 4 guide)

VCE English, EAL, English Language & Literature guide

Our research guides provide links to eBooks and articles relevant to the different study areas of each unit. 

For example the VCE English, EAL, English Language & Literature – units 3 & 4 research guide has links to articles on each of the texts for each unit across the three subject areas. The guides also have research tips and advice on searching our resources.

Detail from VCE Literature – Novels research guide page

Framework of ideas

This year the English and EAL curriculum has had a significant change with the introduction of the new Framework of ideas units. The VCE English, EAL, English Language & Literature guide – units 3 & 4 has pages for each part of the Framework of ideas:

  • Writing about country
    • Exploration of place and belonging
  • Writing about protest
    • Explorations of conflict and contest, what it means to protest, the value of protest, the outcomes of protest, personal stories of protest, struggle and war.
  • Writing about personal journeys
    • Explorations of ‘life’ or biographical explorations – telling our stories, telling others’ stories, the problem of telling stories, appropriation of stories, who tells the stories and our history, missing stories, marginalised and elevated stories
  • Writing about play
    • Explorations of experiences and traditions of play and playing in many cultures and through history.

There is also a page identifying resources to assist with the creative and autobiographical writing elements of these units.

So, if you are a VCE student, teacher or know anyone who is, check out our VCE research guides.

Image of Writing about personal journeys page (From Framework of ideasVCE English, EAL, English Language & Literature guide – units 3 & 4)

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