Ready for Christmas? Have you done everything that needs doing? Are you sure?

Have you been to the market?

A wood engraving showing people shopping at Queen Victoria market.
Christmas market [Melbourne, Vic.],

 And sent your Christmas cards?

A Christmas postcard from 1917.

A happy Christmas, H82.96/159

Bought a tree?

An 1878 wood engraving showing people picnicking under a tree.

 Christmas Day under “Uncle Sam,” a giant gum-tree, on the Black Spur Road, measuring forty-four feet in circumferenceIAN02/01/93/17

Made a pudding?

A 1920 Christmas postcard.

 Christmas wishes a pudding from homeH97.248/199

And made some roodekool for your guests from Holland?

A recipe for roodekool

 Recipes for a merry Christmas and a guid new year from St. Nicholas and St. Andrew

And have you made your Christmas wish?

A 1917 postcard of two girls in costume.

My Christmas wish, H82.96/152

And sung some carols?

A. 1883 wood engraving showing two women singing Christmas carols.

 Christmas carolsIAN24/12/83/201

Then all that’s left to be said is:

‘Kindle the Christmas brand, and then
Till sun-set let it burn.
When quenched, then lay it again ‘
Till Christmas next return.’

Ancient Christmas customs and their origin (p 18).

Thanks for reading Such was life. Have a safe and happy New Year.

Australian History and Literature Team.

A group of office staff enjoy a Christmas party in Treasury Gardens, Melbourne.

 Office Xmas party, Treasury Gardens, Melb., H2011.150/3089



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