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Strange attractors: Australian science fiction at SLV 

Strange attractors: Australian science fiction at SLV 

August 18, 2022

Ask a librarian, Collection spotlights:

Science fiction often focuses on the outward exploration of space and new worlds. In contrast, Australian science fiction writing is dominated by dystopic settings, featuring characters alienated from society. This blog post highlights some of the best Australian SF in the Library’s collection.

2002: A space oddity

2002: A space oddity

March 31, 2022

Rare Books & Arts:

With the help of the Women Writers Fund, the Library recently acquired Laura Dayton Fessenden’s most fascinating work of speculative fiction, 2002: Childlife One Hundred Years From Now.

Century, 1995

The Final Frontier: putting the fiction into science

March 5, 2015

Film, Rare Books & Arts, Television:

The sad news this week of the death of American actor Leonard Nimoy (aka Star Trek’s Mr Spock) transported me back to my days of rubber Vulcan ears and plastic phaser guns…..