We’re expanding the Collection Discovery module to include new categories and showcase many more of the Library’s fabulous digitised collections. So what are you waiting for? Begin a virtual wander through some of our artworks, photographs, posters, maps, and much more now!

What is Collection Discovery?

Collection Discovery is a module in the Library’s catalogue that brings together thematically-linked material from our digitised collections so as to encourage exploration and serendipitous discovery. Unlike the Library’s physical collections, which can only be accessed and used at the Library, these collections can be browsed online anytime and anywhere.

Screen shot shows what the new Collection Discovery module will look like on screen once all the collection tiles have been activated.
The new Collection Discovery module as it will appear once all collections have been activated

How is it changing?

Beginning on Monday, 27th November we’ll be taking most of the existing digitised content already available in Collection Discovery and moving it into a new top-level collection titled Digitised journals, magazines and directories. All your favourite digitised titles that are already available, including Melbourne street directories (1912-1952), Sands & McDougall’s directories (1860-1974), and Football record (1912-2019), will now be found under this new collection.

Are there any new features?

Good question! Yes, there are. We’re going to activate a new Exhibitions collection which will include sub-collections featuring digitised items related to current and past State Library Victoria exhibitions.

When the enhanced Collection Discovery module is launched, you’ll also find a new Just digitised collection, where you’ll be able to browse through the latest items that have been digitised and made available to view online through our catalogue.

Also included in the module on launch will be a Reading room browsing collections tile that features browsable sub-collections for the items found on shelves in each of the Library’s reading rooms.

Each Monday morning over the coming weeks, we’ll be activating a new collection featuring material in a particular format, including: photographic collections; glass negatives and lantern slides; architectural drawings; rare books; diaries, letters and journals; and much more.

‘We’re really excited to be providing access to more of our digitised collections through Collection Discovery. We hope our Library users enjoy looking through these beautiful images and discover something they may not have seen before,’ says Monika Osang, Digitising and Document Delivery Manager.

Share your thoughts

We value your feedback and suggestions and would love to hear from you. If you encounter any issues with accessing content through Collection Discovery or would like to suggest potential future collections, please use the feedback tool found in the lower-right corner of the Collection Discovery screen to share your thoughts:

Feedback tool icon

Alternatively, you can submit comments and suggestions through our general feedback form.

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  1. Sounds great. Interest in family and local history has grown enormously, and likely to continue to do so. Old photos, maps, documents all key part of it.

  2. Sounds great — always keen on new methods to do filtered browsing (the catalogue works well but it can get a bit draining when you’re looking through long lists).

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