Join us for a free film screening of ‘Eye for Architecture’ and journey into the world of cutting-edge architecture as seen through the lens of renowned architectural photographer John Gollings.

When it comes to winning awards or major contracts, a Gollings photograph can give an edge to an architect’s design. It is an attention grabbing, inventive, strong twilight shot: the hero shot with a slightly exaggerated wide angle. It can turn an ordinary building into art.

‘The buildings tell me what to do,’ Gollings says. ‘I’m not the director of the shot. I can get in the helicopter, but then I have to fly around the sky until the building puts on its makeup and displays itself to me and then hopefully I can go snap.’

At 65, the wiry, irreverent Gollings is known as the unofficial curator of Australian architecture, such is the power of his eye and ability to get a building published.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia, a city known for its innovative modern architecture. Top Australian architects, including Cassandra Fahey, Barrie Marshall (Denton Corker Marshall), Rob McBride and Deb Ryan (McBride Charles Ryan) and Ian McDougall (Ashton Raggatt McDougall), share their stories about the man.

But while his passion is documenting cities and reflecting urban space, his muse is not the modern world but the ancient cities of Asia.

‘Most of my work as an architectural photographer has never been seen,’ he says. ‘It is of dead cities in deserts and jungles where I return year after year for an orgy of self-flagellation and recrimination over lost images and intransigent buildings.’

‘Eye for Architecture’ follows Gollings on a photographic journey through the rapidly changing cities of Australia and China. It travels with Gollings to ancient cities in India and Cambodia to show how these magnificent places have influenced his work. Here he reveals that he too has insecurities, despite being recognised as one of the world’s top architectural photographers.

‘Eye for Architecture’ is produced and directed by Sally Ingleton for 360 Degree Films.

Article courtesy of 360 Degree Films

Thursday 28 July 2011, 4:00pm – 4:55pm
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Meet John Gollins

After being introduced to John Gollins through ‘Eye for Architecture’ stay and hear from the man himself.

Gollins joins a panel discussion to examine the creative relationship that develops as a photographer seeks to capture and interpret an architect’s work in 2D images, and how photographers like Wolfgang Sievers and Mark Strizic captured the changes sweeping mid-century Melbourne.

Speakers include:

  • John Gollings – acclaimed architectural photographer
  • Professor Philip Goad – director of the Melbourne School of Design
  • Vanessa Bird – director of Bird de La Coeur Architects
  • Alan Saunders – Radio National (discussion chair)

Presented in association with the 2011 State of Design Festival.

Thursday 28 July 2011, 6:00pm – 7:15pm
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  1. Finally got to see this on ABC TV the other night. Wonderful story and a fabulous collection of images!

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