Preserving family heirlooms, making the most of your iPad, advanced genealogical research techniques, getting to grips with online resources and finding Polish records – these are the topics of some of the latest additions to the Genealogy Centre.







Family history – digging deeper  by Simon Fowler
This book is idea for anyone interested in taking their family history research to a higher level. Simon Fowler and a team of renowned genealogists detail how to make the most out of using the internet and suggest some unusual archives and records which might help transform your research.
Topics covered include genealogical traditions, variants of family history around the world, current developments in DNA testing, new resources and digitised online material.  There is also a section on how to solve common problems and tackle `brick walls’ .  If you want to dig deeper into your family tree or want to make sense of the huge array of records available, then take a look at this book.

How to trace your family history on the internet-find your ancestors the easy way by Nick Barratt & Readers Digest Association
This is a terrific introduction to family history research, focusing primarily on UK resources.  Each chapter looks at specific collections of material, for instance census, church records, wills etc followed by information on the best resources available on the internet. What’s really useful is that for each collection of material there are tips and examples on how to search the `big’ genealogy databases -Ancestry, Find my past, Scotland’s People and Family search. There are also chapters on making contact with other family historians, creating a website, publishing your history etc.









How to archive family keepsakes: learn how to preserve family photos, memorabilia & genealogy records by Denise May Levenick

This book gives you step-by-step advice on how to organize, preserve and share family papers, photographs and artifacts. It includes checklists and workflows on how to break down the tasks, information on preservation and digitising items and reseach techniques to help you get more organised. This is a very useful guide for anyone who wants to preserve their family archive for future generations.

Turn your iPad into a genealogy powerhouse by Lisa Louise Cooke
This is a useful guide for anyone who wants to use their iPad for family history research.
Over 65 useful apps are included covering such themes as file storage, note taking, collaboration, photography and repository. The genealogy apps are mainly related to US genealogy but many of the other apps would be of interest to Australian genealogists. You may be familiar with Ancestry, Facebook and Skype but have you used Pinterest, Dropbox, Flipboard and Gedview?  Apps for android tablets are also included.









Sto Lat: A Modern Guide to Polish Genealogy by Cecile (Ceil) Wendt Jensen

Sto Lat is a beginners  guide to researching through at least one hundred years of Polish family records. The book focuses on finding American-Polish records but there is a section on researching records in Poland – this would be of use to Australian genealogists. There are chapters on  maps and geographic data, tips on how to  transcribing records and preserve material and advice on how to collaborate with other researchers.  Over one hundred international websites and mailing lists are cited throughout the book.  The cases studies that detail how to find Polish records are particularly interesting.

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