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Golden elms beside the bowling green, Ireland St. Bright.

Bright: a town for all seasons

April 27, 2021

Ask a librarian, Collection spotlights, Victorian history:

In normal times, the final week of April into the first week of May would see the Victorian town of Bright celebrating its Autumn Festival. Sadly, due to the pandemic, the festival was not able to run last year and has also been cancelled for this year. To mark the occasion, we take a look back over previous festivals and the history of the Town of Bright through some of the Library’s wonderful digitised images

An ‘ordinary great woman’: Anna Vroland

An ‘ordinary great woman’: Anna Vroland

March 31, 2021

Family matters:

Upon her death in 1978, Victorian woman Anna Fellowes Vroland (1902-1978) was described by a colleague as being ‘one of the ordinary great women of our time’. Anna was a school teacher, writer, radio commentator, and political activist in the areas of Aboriginal rights, women’s rights and the peace movement. She held many views that seem entirely contemporary, but were not at all commonplace at the time she aired them.