Here at the State Library, one of our main responsibilities is to preserve Victoria’s cultural heritage by collecting items of historical and cultural significance for future generations.

Ephemeral items are known for their transient nature, which means that sometimes we are the only place where these items can be found. On occasion, we are privileged enough to be able to share them with those who have a special connection to them. 

One such example is this promotional poster from the 1982 Thank God it’s over! concert. This is where library patron, Keryn, met her partner Dean when they were just teenagers: 

Promotional poster for the 'Thank God it's over' concert, 1982.
Thank God it’s over! Concert 82, 1982. Poster produced by the Wheatley Organization. This work is in copyright; H99.112/4

Keryn recently contacted us with the following request: 

I am writing to you to see if it would be possible to obtain a copy of a poster of The Thank God It’s Over Concert 1982. The reason for my request is because this is where my partner and I got together at 15 yrs old. We fell in love and became inseparable very quickly. We then got separated as his parents decided to move his family to Queensland. We saw each other again at 19 years old but through miscommunication lost touch again. We are now 55yrs old, he had apparently been searching for me for a long time. He found me on instagram October last year. We have since been talking on FaceTime every day. He has lived in USA for 22yrs. I am going over there to visit him in approximately 4 weeks time as we have realised we are still very much in love after all this time...

Since then, Keryn has travelled to the U.S. and reunited with Dean!

We wish Keryn and Dean all the very best for the future and thank them for letting us share their story. We are glad we have been able to preserve an item that means so much to you both. 

Is there an item in our collection that holds a special meaning for you? 

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