The iconic Australian Women’s Weekly is now available to peruse at your pleasure. The National Library has digitized early editions of the Australian Women’s Weekly from 1933 – 1982, available to search on the Trove website.

The digitized Women’s Weekly provides a great window into Australia’s social history. It contains a wealth of historical information, including (but not limited to) articles on:

– women’s rights and political issues
– Australian/world events
– prominent/well known women
– fashion
– cookery

While browsing through the issues, I came across a number of interesting articles, including:

Caroline Chisholm. Friend of Migrants
(Issue: Saturday 10 December 1949)

Christmas Cake (recipe from Australia’s millionth migrant, Mrs Barbara Porritt)
(Issue: Wednesday 21 December 1955)

Melbourne Cup Carnival –  hats and longer skirts —the 1974 fashion scene
(Issue: Wednesday 20 November 1974)

Thanks to the National Library, Australian Consolidated Press and the State Library of New South Wales for all their hard work in making this magazine available.

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  1. Yes, it’s so amazing from both a fun and a historical standpoint.I used to have a bunch of my grand moms UK womans weeklies from 1959-1965 and when they were lost it was so sad, until i found these. Do you know if teh UK version hasalso been digitzed?

    thanks chitra

    • Hi Chitra,

      It does not appear that the Woman’s Weekly (UK magazine) has been digitised. It is in fact the English Weekly’s 100th birthday in 2011! Depending on where you live you might be able to find collections of this magazine held in libraries.


  2. Please help me. I am trying to find the recipe for Orange Drizzle Cake, it was somewhere in the early ’70s, I used to post the magazine to my mum and she loved this cake. Sadly she has passed on without handing down the recipe. I wanted to contact the Australian Women’s Weekly direct but the “Contact Us” only gives a phone number which is useless to me because i am deaf. Can you possibly help me with either the recipe or an email? I would be really grateful.

    • Thanks for your question Dorothy. I’ve transferred your inquiry to our Ask-a-librarian service.
      You’ll be hearing from us soon.

  3. Could you please help me find an article about “Maori Lass”. This article describes the sailing journey of Jim and Jan Tabler who had sailed from Sydney and had met with the woman’s weekly photographer Christine Osborne in Port Sudan in 1980. An article written by Christine was later included in a WW magazine.
    Unfortunately I have lost the original magazine and do not recollect the magazine date.
    I would love to be able to share this with my family. Would you be able to track this down for me?
    I have not lost contact with the boat Maori Lass since we completed our circumnavigation in 1982. She now lives in Tasmania and has been beautifully restored.
    I hope that you might be able to assist with this task.
    Thank you
    Jan Tabler

    • Hi Jan, Thanks for your question.
      I’ve transferred your inquiry to our Ask-a-librarian service.
      You’ll be hearing from us soon.

      Kind regards,

  4. I am trying to find the November issue possibly between 2006 – 2009 with a Bill Granger recipe for a soup with ingredients of pork mince fennel 2 cans of cannellini beans chicken stiock tomato etc
    Would really appreciate it if someone has a copy of that recipe

    • Hi Jenny, thank you for your enquiry. I will log your question with our Ask a Librarian service, and one of our librarians will get back to you. Paul

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