A significant number of digitised Victorian maps have recently been added to the State Library of Victoria catalogue .    In the past few weeks, over 500 digitised maps have been added and the coming months will see this figure increase to several thousand. This means that family history researchers will begin to see these maps in search results more often.

All maps default to a “zoom and drag” interface. This can be switched to a straight “view” mode if required.

Maps that are out of copyright can be downloaded in JPG and TIFF format. In-Copyright maps have a JPG only available for download.

A number of maps are linked below if you wish to familiarise yourself with the viewer :


Note also that, in the near future, the MMBW digitised maps  will be loaded into DOMS  which will facilitate enhanced viewing of this series of maps.

This is the culmination of several years of work. We would like to acknowledge the R. E. Ross Trust ( http://www.rosstrust.org.au) who supported the Victorian maps cataloguing project.

To view maps or place an inquiry contact staff in the La Trobe Reading Room. You can visit them on level 3 of the Library, or call them on (03) 8664 7009, between 10am and 6pm.

Maps will be delivered to the Heritage Collections Reading Room at a time negotiated with you. Alternatively, if there are online copies of the maps, staff will demonstrate how to view them via our catalogue.



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