Want to know how to research an occupation? If records of your ancestor are likely to exist? Guides to occupational records are a fantastic resource for the family historian. For those with UK Ancestors, you may find the following new books handy.

Tracing your legal ancestors : a guide for family historians  by Stephen Wade

Pen & Sword Family History 2010

Tracing your medical ancestors : a guide for family historians by Michelle Higgs

Pen & Sword Family History 2011

Or are you thinking about writing your family history but not sure where to begin? For those of you in this final stage (or getting close to it), you may be interested in the following additions to our collection.

Writing a non-boring family history by Hazel Edwards (revised edition)


Hale and Iremonger 2011

How to write and publish your family story : in 10 easy steps by Noeline Kyle

noeline kyle
University of New South Wales Press 2011

All new books are available in the Genealogy Centre.
Happy Browsing!

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