I know what you’re thinking, Twitter and family history? Could the medium that has so utterly enthralled Gen Y, actually be useful for genealogists? The answer is YES.

Twitter, has become a popular medium for many family history enthusiasts.  Want to discover or share a link to a new genealogy resource? Want to find out about up and coming events? Twitter can help you do this.

Many archives and libraries are also using Twitter to keep users up to date with news, coming events, collections, acquisitions, podcasts, research guides and much more.

For those interested in setting up a twitter account, check out Twitter basics , a help guide to all things Twitter.

A few of my personal favourite tweeters include:

–  Immigration Museum Victoria (Immigration_mv)
–  Public Record Office Victoria (PRO_Vic)
–  HicksShauna

Know any great genealogy related tweeters? Feel free to leave some recommendations in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out the State Library’s Twitter feed at Library_Vic

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  1. You’ll find a good list of genealogy Tweeters from Australia in my Australian Genealogists’ List on Twitter

    Would love to add more people to the list.

    Geniaus http://twitter.com/#!/geniaus

  2. I tweet about family and local history for Yarra Plenty Regional Library based in Melbourne’s north

  3. Thanks for your comments Geniaus and Liz. I’ll check out both your twitter accounts.


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