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Preserving Marvellous Melbourne

Preserving Marvellous Melbourne

May 6, 2022

Collection Care, News, Our stories:

William Butterfield’s original drawings of St Paul’s Cathedral are in urgent need of conservation treatment. Learn how the Library’s working to preserve the plans for the State Collection, and how you can help.

How to protect and salvage your flood damaged treasures

How to protect and salvage your flood damaged treasures

March 16, 2022

Collection Care:

The devastating floods in Queensland and New South Wales have caused significant damage to personal possessions and cultural heritage collections. Learn how to protect your treasures and salvage flood-damaged collections.

Bushfires: protecting your treasures

Bushfires: protecting your treasures

December 22, 2020

Collection Care, Conservation, Preservation:

It’s bushfire season again. How can you reduce the risk of loss of treasured objects before a disaster and what sort of salvage strategies can you use to recover them? If you live in an area where bushfire is an all too real possibility, it’s never too soon to start planning for their preservation.

Constitution Hill at

Conservation rejuvenates ‘Constitution Hill at Sun set’

December 15, 2020

Collection Care, Conservation:

During the Library closure, Collection Care had the opportunity of attending to the conservation treatment of one of the Library’s iconic paintings, Constitution Hill by colonial artist John Glover. Recent conservation treatment has transformed its appearance and inspired a new appreciation of this important work.

Detail of Blinky Bill and Mrs Koala, Dorothy Wall, [between 1933 and 1940?]; H2015.180/28

Blinky Bill: in the Conservation Lab

October 9, 2020

Collection Care, Conservation:

Blinky Bill has been a favourite amongst Australian children since he first made an appearance in the 1933 book Blinky Bill: The Quaint Little Australian. A collection of drawings by author and illustrator Dorothy Wall (1894–1942) were recently acquired by the Library – several of which have come to the Conservation Lab for assessment and treatment.

Adam Lindsay Gordon and the Adam & Eve Hotel

Adam Lindsay Gordon and the Adam & Eve Hotel

August 7, 2020

Collection Care, Preservation, Such was life:

A photograph of an old cottage inspires an investigation into the connections between Australian author Adam Lindsay Gordon, John Kinmont Moir and the mysterious Adam & Eve Hotel.

Perfecting the lighting of a series of exhibition prints during installation

The changing face of Victoria: behind-the-scenes with Conservation

August 6, 2020

Collection Care, Conservation, Registration and loans:

The Conservation department play a major role in the development of exhibitions at the Library. We recently completed work on the installation of the Changing Face of Victoria exhibition, which this year involved preparing over 150 items for display.

Cigarette cards: preservation of a small, but unique collection

Cigarette cards: preservation of a small, but unique collection

July 10, 2020

Collection Care, Our stories, Preservation, Social life & customs:

Collectible cards as we know them today have a very long tradition, dating back to the mid-late nineteenth century with the production of cigarette cards. A small, but unique collection of these wonderful items were recently rehoused by our Preservation team.

Ledger recording details and placement of seed varieties sewn in the gardens at Sunnybrae, 1984-2005 (YMS 16267, Box 62)

The archive of a pioneer ‘slow’ food restaurant

May 29, 2020

Collection Care, People & professions, Preservation, Social life & customs, Such was life:

Coinciding with the reopening of many of Victoria’s restaurants after lockdown, we celebrate the story of Sunnybrae, a much-loved regional restaurant ‘in the middle of a paddock’, and the early innovations in food provenance and seasonal, sustainable produce that it became known for.

Collection Care from home

Collection Care from home

May 26, 2020

Collection Care, Conservation, Our stories, Preservation, Preventive conservation:

The majority of the work undertaken by Collection Care staff requires physical access to the collections. The recent Library closure as a result of COVID-19 has meant staff are unable to access studios and labs for the time being, prompting a re-imagining of how they normally approach their roles.