The Force was strong at the Library today. Thanks to the Stormtroopers, Scouts & Jawas from the Knightfall Squad of the 501st Legion who helped us celebrate Star Wars Day (May the 4th).

Members of 501st Legion - Knightfall Squad

Members of 501st Legion – Knightfall Squad in the State Library’s Red Rotunda

The 501st Legion are fans who volunteer their time for “costuming, community, charity and fun”, and are currently raising money for The Starlight Children’s Foundation. Some of the members of Knightfall Squad shared with us their stories about what libraries mean to them.

Front: TB 3016, Biker Scout. Rear: TK 6673, Stormtrooper (ANH, Stunt), TB 2389, Biker Scout

Trooping up the pendulum stairs…

Kelly (TB 3016, Scout Trooper):

As a family we would go as a group, searching and finding books we had never had known about. It also became an adventure. Our local Library is a major part of our community, teaching us history and there is always a new story that would take us away in the next aisle.

TB 2389, Imperial Biker Scout.

Scouting for knowledge in the Domed Reading Room. TB 2389, Scout Trooper.

Jack (TB 2389, Scout Trooper):

Libraries are like vaults of knowledge where you can read and learn about almost anything you can imagine.

DZ 81196 - Jawa

A Jawa from Tatooine valuing the displays in the Library’s Cowen Gallery.

Shelby (DZ 81196, Jawa):

As a child, every Thursday was “Library Day” and it was my favourite day of the week. I have always been a huge lover of books. Libraries are such peaceful places to go and enjoy books and even meet people who share the same love.

Thanks to SnapHappyIan for taking these photographs, and may the Force be with you all.

Star Wars characters performing a conga line

“Bad guys doing good” and busting moves.

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