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Country tennis in Victoria

Country tennis in Victoria

February 8, 2021

Sport, Such was life:

The Australian Open came via courts in paddocks in rural towns and coastal getaways, built to attract tourists, inspire social events and to hold tournaments.

Constitution Hill at

Conservation rejuvenates ‘Constitution Hill at Sun set’

December 15, 2020

Collection Care, Conservation:

During the Library closure, Collection Care had the opportunity of attending to the conservation treatment of one of the Library’s iconic paintings, Constitution Hill by colonial artist John Glover. Recent conservation treatment has transformed its appearance and inspired a new appreciation of this important work.

‘Behind the Paint’, Shannyn Higgins’ vibrant portraits of street artists

‘Behind the Paint’, Shannyn Higgins’ vibrant portraits of street artists

November 30, 2020


In November 2020, the Library acquired a portrait series title Behind the Paint featuring some of Melbourne’s most iconic artists, alongside their work, shot by photographer Shannyn Higgins.

Catalogue upgrade: Export to excel and sticky filters

Catalogue upgrade: Export to excel and sticky filters

November 13, 2020

Ask a librarian, Research tips, Tips and tricks:

Export your search results or saved items to Excel and more easily limit your results with improved ‘sticky’ filters that persist between searches, two new features recently added to the Library… Read More ›

Disorganised, but stocked pantry, 28 April 2020 by Elizabeth Spiteri, MS16313/1/1. 
A photographic response to the first prompt asking about fridge and pantry supplies.

COVID-19 rapid response collecting

November 5, 2020

Collection, Our stories:

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, State Library Victoria needed a rapid collecting response to document Victoria’s experience. Curators reflect on the adaptation to contact-free acquisitions, and improving their digital preservation workflows to meet this need.

Detail of Blinky Bill and Mrs Koala, Dorothy Wall, [between 1933 and 1940?]; H2015.180/28

Blinky Bill: in the Conservation Lab

October 9, 2020

Collection Care, Conservation:

Blinky Bill has been a favourite amongst Australian children since he first made an appearance in the 1933 book Blinky Bill: The Quaint Little Australian. A collection of drawings by author and illustrator Dorothy Wall (1894–1942) were recently acquired by the Library – several of which have come to the Conservation Lab for assessment and treatment.

A tale of two lions

A tale of two lions

September 16, 2020

Ask a librarian, Our stories, Victorian history:

What do Melbourne’s first amusement park, a cafe and a court case have in common? The answer may not be what you think!

‘Dear Yat’: postcards from a prime minister

‘Dear Yat’: postcards from a prime minister

August 24, 2020

Politics, Such was life:

A small collection of correspondence provides glimpses of a life-long friendship between Yatala Ovenden and John Curtin, who met while both members of the Victorian Socialist Party.

Adam Lindsay Gordon and the Adam & Eve Hotel

Adam Lindsay Gordon and the Adam & Eve Hotel

August 7, 2020

Collection Care, Preservation, Such was life:

A photograph of an old cottage inspires an investigation into the connections between Australian author Adam Lindsay Gordon, John Kinmont Moir and the mysterious Adam & Eve Hotel.

Perfecting the lighting of a series of exhibition prints during installation

The changing face of Victoria: behind-the-scenes with Conservation

August 6, 2020

Collection Care, Conservation, Registration and loans:

The Conservation department play a major role in the development of exhibitions at the Library. We recently completed work on the installation of the Changing Face of Victoria exhibition, which this year involved preparing over 150 items for display.